Fall is now here and winter is coming!  We had baby goats this spring and still have 3 left (2 weathers and 1 doeling which are available for sale.   Let us know if you are interested-they will great brush eaters and pets.

We will not have turkeys available for Thanksgiving this year.  We had too many problems with the poults we got last year and haven't found another local hatchery.  Sorry!

We do still have our farm fresh eggs most days, but we sell out fast.  You can always give us a call to inquire before stopping.  We still have a few squash (spaghetti and acorn mostly) from the garden.  We don't use spray and only organic fertilizer in the garden (from our chickens and rabbits).  Speaking of rabbits, we still have a pair of  Dutch rabbits for sale.  They make great pets for kids!

Here is the store we offer Farm tractor toys, IH truck toys, Books related to farm life, tractors, living off the land, Organic farming, how to raise animals and more!

For some great gifts, check out our wonderful Felted Soaps, Felted Dryer Balls (made locally)  Smart KLeen Laundry Balls and more!


In addition, we offer some antique glassware  and collectibles  including old Fiestaware, Chevron cars, some old trucks and more.   We add new items as space allows so we usually have something new!

We also have a  Healthy Living section where you can find Kangen Water, Essential Oils, Books on using Essential Oils and Paleo.  We offer some healthy snacks (including Gluten Free and Organic) and Beverages also. 

We sell many of our products online, so take a look at our other site,  www.binderbooks.com. 

Haider Farm Country Store in Sherwood  Oregon

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