Haider Farm Country Store in Sherwood  Oregon

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At Our Farm Country Store we offer lots of farming related products.  From our fresh eggs and seasonal poultry to tractor manuals and books, farm toys and collectibles and books and so much more!

Stop by and check out our antique glassware and collectibles, books on Paleo and check out our Essential Oils.  We also have recently added  a Kangen Water machine (stop by and try some and learn about this wonderful water), Smart Kleen Laundry Balls (replaces detergent), chemical fee, hypoallergenic and one ball lasts 365 loads, so it saves money too!

We have several all Natural, Organic products for skin care from Kathy's Family and some Puracy Natural Cleaners and soaps too!

We also have some healthy snacks, organic treats and beverages here is the store. 

Something for everyone!!